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THE EMPIRE’S LION is now available!

The day has finally arrived! (If you just want the store links, click right here).

Around June 2020, I had an idea for a book.

I knew some things about it—I knew it would be an epic military fantasy set in a world inspired by the first century Mediterranean.

I knew the story would focus on two young warriors on opposite sides of a war: one of them a woman with fire magic, the other a man with an anti-magic blade.

And I knew some other really cool things that would spoil the story 🙂

In the 1.5+ years since I had that idea, I’ve learned a lot more about the book—about the characters whose story it tells, about the world the story takes place in, about the heart of why this story needed to be told.

Today, that book goes out into the world. Thank you for coming along for this journey—I’ve loved hearing your thoughts on Adept Initiate, and I can’t wait to hear what you think about The Empire’s Lion.

Right now, you can get it on Amazon, Apple Books, and Kobo.

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